HCAHPS Scorecard

HCAHPS Scorecard

A Better Way to Keep Score

Introducing PRC’s HCAHPS Scorecard. If you rely on the Hospital Compare website to monitor your hospital’s performance in comparison to others in your area, state or region, you will want to bookmark this page and return often.

In seconds, you can compare the HCAHPS scores for any number of hospitals in any city, state or combination of areas. You’ll see at a glance those hospitals that are meeting VBP benchmarks, those that are performing at achievement thresholds, and those that fall below. There is no limit to the number of hospitals that can be compared. View our tutorial to see how PRC’s HCAHPS Scorecard tool can help your organization keep score!

PRC clients with login access to PRCEasyView.com receive the added benefit of seeing their current and projected VBP reimbursement amounts at no additional charge.  (If you are a PRC Client and wish to view this information, please access your HCAHPS Scorecard inside of PRCEasyView.com )

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